Which Mast System is Right For You?

Based on your payload (total weight of all devices mounted on the mast) and height requirements, BlueSky Mast offers 3 distinct models; AL1, AL2, and 350G.


  • Model Heights:
  • Payload Capacity
  • Wind Loading:
  • Deployment Time:
  • No. of People:

Standard Series

Lightweight Payloads

  • 2 to 15 meters (7.5 to 46.5 ft)
  • 10 - 50 lbs.*
  • 70 mph
  • 2 to 30 minutes*
  • 1 to 2

Manual Push Up System

Lift Series

Heavier Payloads

  • 2 to 15 meters (7.5 to 46.5 ft)
  • 20 - 100 lbs.*
  • 70 mph
  • 2 to 30 minutes*
  • 1 to 2

Fast Mechanical Lift System

Lift Series

Maximum Payloads

  • 8 to 15 meters (28 to 49 ft)
  • 75 - 145 lbs.*
  • 90 mph
  • 20 to 45 minutes*
  • 2

Fast Mechanical Lift System

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Select Your Mast System (Based on Mast Height and Payload Requirements)

Roll Over and Click the cell with the [tooltip title="A mast installation can be exposed to several types of loads. The physical weight of the instrument and its attachments is referred to as the payload. The mast can support much more weight when properly guyed and stabilized, but BlueSky Mast will only recommend payloads that are safe to carry during the deployment process. We call this the deployable load. " placement="" tigger="" class="tooltip-shortcode" id=""]deployable load[/tooltip] and mast height that best suits your requirements.

Deployable load(lbs.)
Deployable load (lbs.)
Deployable Load(lbs.)
Deployable Load(lbs.)
15 meters10N/A2075
14 meters10N/A2585
13 meters15N/A3095
12 meters10N/A35105
11 meters25N/A40115
10 meters305050125
9 meters32.552.552.5N/A
8 meters355555145
7 meters37.557.557.5N/A
6 meters406060N/A
5 meters42.56565N/A
4 meters457070N/A
3 meters47.58585N/A
2 meters50100100N/A

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