AL1 Standard Series

Ultralight, man-portable

Available in heights from 2 to 10 meters REQUEST A QUOTE

manual push up system

AL1 Standard Series

Manual Push Up System

This is the lightest and most portable of all the BlueSky Mast Systems and can support payloads ranging from 30 lbs. at 10 meters up to 50 lbs. at 2 Meters. Select a model height and payload from the dropdown menu below.

It can be deployed by a single person in anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes depending on height and is predominantly used for lightweight applications such as such as smaller, single antenna deployments and lightning protection systems.

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Model Heights:
Payload Capacity:
Wind Loading:
Deployment Time:
No of People:
2 to 10 meters (7.5 to 31.5ft)
10 - 50 lbs *
70 mph
2-30 minutes *
  • A Patented tripod design with cam lock system
  • B Telescoping tripod legs
  • C Compass and bubble levels
  • D Lightweight 2 in. OD interlocking mast sections
  • E Aerospace aluminum alloy construction
  • F Color coded, free spinning guy rings for directional control
  • G Guy ropes made of Spectra Cord, a woven fiber 10 times stronger than common cable