AL2 Lift Series

Lightweight tactical mast

with fast mechanical lift system

Available in heights from 2 to 15 meters REQUEST A QUOTE

AL2 Lift Series

Fast Mechanical Lift System

The lift series has a stronger tripod and uses a winch to deploy the mast sections, which allows for a more controlled, easier and safer deployment compared to the standard series – manual push up systems. Select a model height and payload from the dropdown menu below.

Used for Tactical RF Communications, Video Surveillance Systems, Weather Stations and Wireless Data Configurations.

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Model Heights:
Payload Capacity:
Wind Loading:
Deployment Time:
No of People:
2 to 15 meters (7.5 to 46.5ft)
20 to 100 lbs.
70 mph
2-30 minutes *
  • A Patented tripod design with cam lock system
  • B Telescoping tripod legs
  • C Compass and bubble levels
  • D Lightweight 2in. OD interlocking mast sections
  • E Aerospace aluminum alloy construction
  • F Color coded, free spinning guy rings for directional control
  • G Guy ropes made of Spectra Cord, a woven fiber 10 times stronger than common cable