350G XL - Lift Series

18 M (59ft)

The 350G XL Lift Series Mast is the strongest military mast that we offer and can support 75 to 180 lbs. payloads depending on the model height selected.

Primary Use – Maximum Payloads

Multiple Antennas, Wireless Data Communications, 4G LTE / Cellular, Video Surveillance

Deployment Method

This is a fast mechanical lift system. The center mast sections are deployed up through the tripod using a self braking mechanical winch and base plate.


  • Patented tripod design with telescoping legs, cam lock and bubble levels
  • 3.5 inch OD interlocking mast sections constructed of aerospace grade aluminum alloy
  • Mechanical Lift System – self braking winch and base plate
  • Custom bearing system built into the tripod to help eliminate binding during deployment
  • Color Coded Guy Kits
  • Free spinning primary and secondary guy rings for direction control
  • Guy Rope made of Spectra Cord, a woven fiber 10 times stronger than common cable
  • Packs down into (3) 62 x 21 x 14.5 Custom Hard Cases