Edgesource Windtalker™ has the ability to locate and identify DJI Class 1-3 drones within a distance of 25+ kilometers in various types of environments such as urban, rural, and hostile terrains. It can be set up as a stationary or mobile unit in less than 30 minutes and can collect over 30 data points such as drone serial number, location, pilot/operator location, flight path, velocity, and altitude.

Windtalker Extend™ improves on the existing Windtalker technology by incorporating a comprehensive passive RF link library, enabling detection of both DJI and non-DJI drones across the full commercial sUAS global market.

Key Capabilities

  • Windtalker™ is a fully cyber-wrapped long range passive detection device capable

  • of locating the pilot, home point and sUAS flight path for DJI aircraft

  • A single node detects, identifies, and tracks 400+ drones simultaneously

  • Intelligent built-in digital filters protect system from barrage jamming/spoofing

  • Supplemental COTS library-based detection upgrade available for non- DJI sUAS

  • links and platforms

EdgeSource Windtalker 3.0


EDGESOURCE WINDTALKER 3.0with CsUAS Sensor to Detect sUAS, integrated with BlueSky Mast’s AL2 Standard Series manual push up system.

Specifications - BSM AL2 Standard

System Part No.

Mast System Height

Payload Capacity

Deployment Time

Outside Diameter




31.5 ft. / 10m

125 lbs. / 56.7 kg

15 minutes, 2 people

3.5 in.


(2) Custom Hard Cases

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