About Us

Company Overview

BlueSky Mast designs and builds the world’s most advanced multi-purpose, portable mast platforms for military communications and surveillance. Our mast systems are lightweight, tool-less and designed for durability, portability and rapid deployment. We are an experienced Armed Forces contractor with a highly developed understanding of field communications technology and can work with any devices you need to elevate.

More Than Just A Mast

You cannot beat the laws of physics; Distance communication will always require elevation, so getting a mast is not a choice, it’s a need. BlueSky Mast has pioneered the consolidation of Video/Voice/Data communication, surveillance, even lighting protection and power generation onto one mast platform.

A BlueSky Mast System gives you invaluable advantages over the traditional array of separate devices. Deployed in minutes, it can be configured to support multiple applications, eliminating the need for any number of other masts.

Application devices require a dependable source of power; off the grid in hostile environments you have few choices. A BlueSky Mast can be equipped with solar arrays and lithium-ion batteries that take generators and fuel shipments out of the equation, securing and simplifying Forward Operating Base logistics.

A mast is the first thing you see and the last thing you think of – that’s okay because at BlueSky Mast we can be trusted to think of everything.


BlueSky Mast Systems are designed to enable war-fighters to quickly and easily deploy the mast in any environment. The average deployment time for an AL1 Standard Series Mast System is less than 20 minutes.


BlueSky Mast manufactures the toughest, most reliable portable masts systems used in military & commercial operations throughout the world. Every component is precision engineered to achieve maximum performance and durability. Deployed throughout the world, our customers include the top US Defense Intergrators, Foreign Militatires, all branches of the US Military and well as NASA, DHS, CIA, NSA and numerous Federal and State Agencies.


BlueSky Mast Systems, known for their patented tripod based, sectional mast design, can be packed down into a smaller footprint than a traditional telescoping mast and require no additional support structures such as vehicles, trailers or shelters for deployment. All BlueSky Masts utilize interlocking mast sections made from a lightweight, aerospace grade aluminum alloy that has twice the yield strength of traditional alloys giving it a distinct advantage over composite mast systems. Our mast systems pack down into a specially designed 54x14x14 Wheeling Carry Bag that can even be checked onto a commercial airline.


All BlueSky Mast Systems utilize our patented toll-less mounting system that reduces set up time and simplifies field deployments. Standardized to work across our entire product line, these accessories give our customers the ability to use a single BlueSky Mast to support an infinite number of configurations.

On-going Development and Support

At BlueSky Mast we will continue providing unlimited potential for field applications by combining our strengths in design and knowledge with research and innovation. Together this helps us to produce one of the most powerful and trusted portable mast platforms in the world.