MecMast Series

Military Electromechanical

The MecMast offers a unique combination of impressive lifting strength, sturdiness, outstanding reliability and high precision. It is a screw-driven telescopic mast that has been designed to satisfy the specific demands of all kinds of applications in military, communication and surveillance fields.

The MecMast is an excellent technical solution whenever the need to carry out heavy duties is required and precise high accuracy is a critical factor. It also requires low maintenance making it an ideal solution for military applications. The exact position and the desired height can be displayed using various interface options such as PCs or laptops and different remote controls.

In addition to our catalog portfolio, we also offer customized solutions able to meet even the most demanding requirements.

The range of accessories is highly diversified as well and will allow you to perfectly adapt the masts to the respective mounting sites and operating contexts.

The MecMast is tested to different MIL-standards and are available with anodizing coatings and paint finishes in different colors, e.g. military green, sand yellow, black and many more.

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The Perfect Solution for On-the-Move Military Applications

Key Features

  • New base block with brushless motor to reduce noise, and for higher performance efficiency with a longer product lifetime
  • New MecMast Compact Series is equipped with locking pins inside the pistons providing a more rigid and robust design with diminished torque
  • Standard design with New Base Block with Brushless Motor
  • Sections can be equipped with sand scraper rings
  • PIN head fully retracts into the mast
  • New Remote Control is larger and more robust and is better suited for operators with gloved hands
  • Keeps the height and is operative at any intermediate position
  • Great variety of “off-the-shelf” and customized solutions
  • It can be kept extended while vehicle is moving
  • Durable and reliable with minimum maintenance requirements


  • Supports heavy payloads up to 400kg
  • Extended heights up to 25m
  • Wide range of mounting options for installations on vehicles, shelters or on open grounds
  • Compliant with MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F, MIL-STD-1275E, MIL-STD-1686C and MIL-STD-464C
  • Performance proven rugged design guarantees for high resistance to demanding and harsh environment conditions including sand, dust, ice or snow
  • Different communication and control protocols are available, e.g. RS422, RS485, Ethernet, Can bus