Yes, BlueSky Mast offers a 1 yr Manufacturers Warranty on all of its products. Extended Warranties are also available:

1 yr. Extended Warranty – Two Years Total (Additional 5% of total sale)

2 yr. Extended Warranty – Three Years Total (Additional 8% of total sale)

3 yr. Extended Warranty – Four Years Total (Additional 10% of total sale)

  • Yes. Pricing for these services is based on requirements and project scope.  Most custom accessories can be delivered within 10-20 business days after final drawing approval. Please contact 877-411-6278 or email sales@blueskymast.com for more information.
  • Single System = 2-3 business days (excludes custom accessories)
  • Multiple Systems (up to 20)  = 3-5 business days (excludes custom accessories)
  • Multiple Systems (21+) = 5–7 business days (excludes custom accessories)
  • For single system orders all quoted shipping rates are via UPS Ground unless otherwise instructed. We’re happy to use your shipping account (UPS or FedEx), but shipping via FedEx Ground will require one additional day for scheduling.
  • If the equipment is shipped within the USA, you can pay via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).
  • Payment terms (Net 30) are available based on D&B Credit Line.
  • You can also elect to prepay via wire transfer or certified check and receive a 3% discount. Discount does not include S&H.
  • Unless we have an established payment history and payment terms with you or your company, all shipments outside the USA require prepayment via wire transfer or certified check prior to shipping. Credit Card Payments do not qualify for the 3% prepay discount.
  • Since we have several different models and height to choose from pricing will vary based on your requirements. Please contact 877-411-6278 or email sales@blueskymast.com to validate the system and accessories needed to support your efforts and we’d be happy to issue a no obligation budgetary quote valid for up to 30 days.
  • NO, our equipment is exempt from ITAR Restrictions.
  • Commodity Code 7308200000
  • ECCN = EAR99
  • We are the Sole Source Provider of BlueSky Mast Systems and Accessories. Due to our government contracts, we do not offer distributor, reseller of exclusive territory programs. All systems are purchased directly from us or via GSA or TLS Contract.  Please call 1-877-411-MAST (6278) or fill out the form on our contact us page to get answers about our products before you buy.
  • Yes. Our interlocking mast sections and free-spinning guy rings permit the deployed mast to be rotated by hand 360 degrees at the Tripod base for directional control even when guyed.
  • BlueSky Mast also offers a manual tilt assembly allowing +/- 22 Degree Tilt Adjustment from the ground. Please view our accessory section of the website (Top Adaptors and Plates) for more information.
  • Absolutely. Based on model and height, Multi-purpose function and simultaneous deployment of multiple devices is a primary function of BlueSky’s unique modular design.
  • Deployable Payload limits vary depending upon the mast model and height. See deployable load table on the System Overview Page.
  • Yes. BlueSky Mast offers certified grounding solutions and optional lightning protection accessories
  • AL1 and AL2 Systems pack down into a specially designed 54x14x14 Inch wheeling carry bag for easy transport. Optional – Hard Case Upgrades are available for all AL1 and AL2 Mast Systems.
  • AL3 Lift Series Mast Systems pack down into (2) 62x21x18.5 Inch Custom Hard Cases.
  • All BlueSky Mast Systems are designed to be self supporting and independent of vehicles and structures. Our systems can be transported by ANY vehicle/helicopter/plane to the required locations without the need for a trailer ($$$).
  • YES, Optional Telescoping Tripod Struts & Urban Base Plate Kits are available
  • Yes. Our products are available under GSA Contract Number GS-07F-5916R
  • Shipping and Handling is NOT included in our GSA Contract Pricing
  • BlueSky Mast always recommends guying all mast systems using a 4 guy configuration at 80% the total height of the mast.
  • Mast Systems 7 Meters and above include primary guy kits
  • Mast Systems 11 Meters and above include primary & secondary guy kits
  • YES, MIL-STD-810G
  • The AL1 and AL2 Mast Systems have a 2.0 Inch OD
  • The AL3 Mast Systems have a 3.5 Inch OD
  • Masts are made of black anodized, aerospace aluminum alloy
  • Hardware and fasteners are stainless steel and blackened to eliminate glare
  • Guy cords are Spectra, a knot-resistance woven plastic fiber with a strength-to-weight ratio 10 times that of common cable
  • All BlueSky Mast Systems are tripod based, sectional masts and are designed for portability and rapid deployment. They are not telescoping or pneumatic.
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