Military RF Communications

The BlueSky portable mast platform was originally designed to support RF Tactical applications and therefore has a large variety of accessories and mounts to support multiple RF Radios and Antennas.

So if you’re looking to mount a single antenna or even multiple antennas on the same mast, anything from HF Long Wire Antennas, WHIP Antennas, OE-254/GRC Antennas, COM201B Antennas, Dipole Antennas, Inverted VEE HF Antennas, Multi-band Vehicular Antennas, then make sure to check out our full suite of tool-less mounting accessories.

Wireless Data Communications

Wireless devices have become a critical component in being able to extend the reach of the core network to the edge where video, voice and data can be delivered in real time to those that need it most.

The BlueSky portable mast platform with its native directional control and full suite of adjustable accessories is the perfect platform for wireless data applications.

Our systems can support single access points for a community event all the way up to a several hundred node network for a tactical environment.

Video Surveillance & Security Systems

With recent advances in digital and optical technology, video surveillance systems are quickly becoming a key component of the new mobile security system.

New portable cameras that delivery everything from long and medium range thermal imaging on the battlefield to feeding real time facial and vehicle recognition & identification are now becoming the standard for today’s police and military units.

Our portable mast platform has been used to support everything from commercial applications and smaller Pelco Cameras all the way up to medium and long range thermal imaging systems for advanced military surveillance programs.

Lightning and Grounding Protection

BlueSky Mast has created a suite of certified grounding accessories that enable you to protect your equipment and more importantly your personnel from static discharge and high voltage equipment surges.

Our portable mast platforms when combined with our surface wire grounding kit has been tested and certified to provide lightning protection equivalent or better than driving an 8 ft. copper rod into the ground.

Mobile Weather Stations

Whether you’re looking to study wind patterns for a wind farm, track changes in the weather patterns in a national forest or provide real time conditions on the battlefield, BlueSky’s Portable Mast Platform can easily be configured to meet your requirements.

Mil-Spec Tested and made with 100% corrosive-resistant alloys and fasteners, our portable mast platforms can go anywhere you need them to go and support a wide range of meteorological devices using our full suite of tool-less, interchangeable accessories.

3D Imaging

The terrestrial laser scanning sector has grown to include equipment that offers rapid and affordable metrological and modeling documentation methods that have applications in a number of sectors, including areas such as survey, industrial design, construction and engineering, heritage, forensics, and architecture.

New advancements include equipment such as the FARO Focus 3D that is offering compact and portable solutions to accurate, rapid, and representative spatial documentation.

Survey methods often include ground-based standard tripod applications to provide a level, lightweight, and stable platform for performing scanning projects. New advances in mast systems allow for scanning and other instrumentation to now be used in ground-based set-up at extended heights through the use of interlocking sections. The BlueSky Mast AL2 system now provides the potential to increase coverage capabilities and enhance 3D scanning data capture by providing increased access and view capabilities.

Custom Applications

BlueSky Mast delivers portable mast platforms and mounting solutions that can easily be customized to meet tomorrow’s requirements today.

We’ve developed standardized interfaces on the mast that allow us to quickly and cost effectively create new mounts to fit any application or device so that you get a custom look and feel for a fraction of the price.

If you have an application and you’re not sure how you’re going to be able to elevate it, our design team can model it in 3-D, give you a visual representation and then get it into production faster than most companies can ship a standard part.

Need a Custom Application?

If an out-of-the-box solution won't meet your business needs, a custom application might be the answer. Let's discuss!

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