275G Lift Series Mast Systems

15 M (49ft)

The AL275G Lift Series Mast is one of the strongest military mast that we offer and can support 40 to 70 lbs. payloads depending on the model height selected.

Primary Use – Heavier Payloads

Multiple Antennas, Wireless Data Communications, 4G LTE / Cellular, Video Surveillance

Deployment Method

This is a fast mechanical lift system. The center mast sections are deployed up through the tripod using a self braking mechanical winch and base plate.


  • Patented tripod design with telescoping legs, cam lock and bubble levels
  • 2.75 inch OD interlocking mast sections constructed of aerospace grade aluminum alloy
  • Mechanical Lift System – self braking winch and base plate
  • Custom bearing system built into the tripod to help eliminate binding during deployment
  • Tripod Strut Kit to help stabilize the system when deploying maximum payloads
  • Color Coded Guy Kits
  • Free spinning primary and secondary guy rings for direction control
  • Guy Rope made of Spectra Cord, a woven fiber 10 times stronger than common cable
  • Packs down into (2) 62 x 21 x 14 Custom Hard Cases